Super J1 from OCPC Medical Marijuana Review

Super J1 from OCPC Medical Marijuana Review

Fellow patients often ask me, “What makes a perfect dispensary?”  Well, when I go looking for something to review, something different or unique for the site, I go to new dispensaries and try new products, wary that I’m treading unfamiliar waters.  However, when I’m just looking for something for my own personal use, something that I’ll enjoy away from the concerns of the Review, I go to OCPC.  They always have the strains I’m looking for, I feel comfortable when I am there, and I always leave satisfied.  It’s my home away from home.  That’s what has made them the personal favorite of a patient whose job it is to visit dispensaries–a perfect overall experience.  Unfortunately for them, it also means I tend to medicate away all of my donation long before I ever get around to reviewing it.  However, this Super J1 has made me pause.  This strain deserves a review.

J1 has long been a sought after hybrid of Skunk #1 x Jack Herer.  OCPC had quite a few Jack hybrids on the menu this last trip.  And after viewing other menus in Santa Ana, I’ve come to a conclusion.  Jack’s been getting around the OC, mixing genetics all over town.

This isn’t just plain jane J1, though.  This is Super J1.  I’ve addressed this before with other strains, but what makes this particular J1 “super”?  It could be that it’s mixed with Super Skunk.  Maybe it’s J1 bred with Super Silver Haze.  It’s just as likely that it is just a moniker to draw attention.  Or it could even be a comment of this harvest’s potency–which I could certainly understand.

When I open the jar, I get a rush of citrus, supporting the Super Silver Haze theory.  There are also hints of PineSol ammonia.  This bud is Sticky, with a capital S.  After breaking up a bowl, my hands were still sticky after washing hands twice.  Hours apart.  The smell is mimicked by a spicy pine and citrus taste.  I’ve been saving this eighth, savoring it with tiny tastes at a time.  You can’t roll of blunt of Super J1.  Well… I mean.  You can.  But I wouldn’t.  You bring this out at intimate moments, like an expensive cognac, for dinner parties or at the end of a date.  It’s just that special.

J1’s high was cerebral and engaging.  You knew when it kicked in, which is on the first hit, and it took hold of you from there on out.  Rarely do I experience a strain that can loop me in a single bowl, but Super J1 has what it takes.  There is a shocking amount of body sedation and pain relief for a sativa.  However, it is largely an uplifting high.  Any mellowness from the Skunk is counteracted by Jack’s caffeine like rush, making for an effective daytime high.