Strawberry Cough CO2 Sap Extract Review

Strawberry Cough CO2 Sap from OCPC Concentrate Review

Strawberry Cough has been enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity in Orange County during the past three months.  A wholly unique high, its ability to augment productivity and creative and critical thinking makes it stand apart from even the most cerebral of sativas.  Those who were already in the know are not surprised by recent patient adoration for this strain.  If you haven’t tried Strawberry Cough yet, I urge you to join the revolution.

Molasses like in both color and consistency, saps can be difficult to work with, especially when it is warm, compared to say a wax or shatter.   After some experimentation, I found the easiest way to get a dab is to stab your dabber in and twist it.  Wrapping the sap around the tip like taffy, you can more easily control how much sticks to your equipment.  I found it to have a pleasant sweet berry flavor; cooler dabs accentuated the taste.

This CO2 sap is a velvety vape, no matter the size of your glob.  On a really hot nail, it exploded all at once into a cloud burst.  However, on a cold nail, it just bubbled across, giving off a paltry line of vapor.  There was a sweet spot for nail heat I found troublesome to discover for this sap.  It also requires less extract on your dabber to create a full hit of vapor, so moderation may be necessary.  Several times I prepared what looked like a reasonable dab, only to fall into a coughing fit halfway through clearing my densely fogged rig.  All this said, by the end of my gram donation, I was absolutely hooked on medicating with this Pop Naturals product.

That manic Strawberry Cough high is evident a major expression of this extraction.  Lots to do, lots to try.  This is adventurer’s strain, and it will pique your curiosity of everything you interact with.  Perfect before going for a hike or exploring a new neighborhood.  There are also robust visual and auditory effects.  Colors become brighter, lines crisper.  This is accompanied by an intense cerebral reaction to sounds–a significant strain for before a concert or 3D movie.  But it’s not all fun and games.  This is still primarily an effective medication for depression and anxiety, and its lean to the creative and thoughtful makes it ideal for melancholy artistic types.

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  • Bongstar420

    …but we must ask ourselves, why is the grower turning their top shelf flowers into oil when low quality flowers can produce high quality extracts?

    • OCWeedReview

      I’m not sure if this is nug run, but I’ve seen numbers coming in from nug run over 90%, which is making it a premium sell out here.