A Fish Called Juana Edible Review

A Fish Called Juana Edible Review

I’ve always loved goldfish crackers. So when I found out that site favorite Incredibles Medibles made cannabis infused goldfish, I knew we had to get our hands on them to review, and once we did, we weren’t disappointed.

One of the more popular of the Incredibles Medibles line, their A Fish Called Juana medicated goldfish are more than just sprayed store boughts. Incredibles Medibles uses a proprietary blend of spices to give their goldfish a cheddar and garlic bite unlike any others on the market. With such a flavorful seasoning, A Fish Called Juana goes great with a sandwich for lunch.

Also a great munchable, we took our Incredibles Medibles fish to the beach and out on the trails, but they would be just as fitting for a day at the park or shared among friends at the ballgame. As with most edibles, the high builds slowly and peaks strong because the active compounds are altered by the liver. Don’t get antsy and eat too many, it’s not easy to dose out crackers like this with any specific accuracy. Take it slow and ease your way in, lest the full heft of the 160 mg per bag take its toll.  Enjoyed responsibly, A Fish Called Juana gives a mellow, happy feeling for hours at a time.

Visit Incredibles Medibles for more information on their line of edibles.