Guild Extracts GSC High Terpene Extract Review

Guild Extracts blasted onto our radar earlier this year when we caught them blowing Cannabis Cup attendees away with their incredible extracts. Eager to get our hands on some ourselves, we approached the company and talked about the science behind their work putting out extracts like high potency crystallized THC and CBD and their HTE (high terpene extracts).

The first thing you notice about Guild’s HTE is that it’s real oily, with a wet sap like consistency. The second thing you notice is just how terpy this extract really is. Like taking a dab of pure flavor, pure Girl Scout Cookies flavor no less, the complexities of the strain’s features start to become clearer.

Although a lower potency than some of Guild’s more mind blowing offerings, the joy here is the overwhelming taste profile. To get stronger dabs, we had fun mixing the HTE with other extracts to blend flavors. We also put it use with Guild Extracts’ crystalline THC-A to add flavor to potency. (It also helped to have something sticky for the THC crystals to hold onto.)

When dabbed alone, our Girl Scout Cookies HTE had a subtle high of its own. Mild but recognizable, the GSC’s complete mind and body high leads to a state of pure euphoria, that place where everything is right in the world and you are completely comfortable. Yoga in a tasty dab? Now there’s transcendence.