Banana OG from Moxie Extract Review

Banana OG from Moxie Extract Review

It doesn’t take a long time browsing through the Review’s Instagram to see that we love Moxie.  Every half gram we come across in the shops is visually striking, just begging to be photographed.  But Moxie’s quality doesn’t reside in just its beauty.  These well rounded stunners are terpy and flavorful and incredibly potent, making them well worth the top shelf price.

Although a relatively obscure strain, Banana OG is likely a mix of an uncertain banana flavored strain and OG Kush.  Adding to the enigmatic genetic makeup is the possibility of it being the branded Apothecary Genetics hybrid.  If that is the case, then it adds in a second OG cut into the mix with SFV OG.

The flavor of Moxie’s Banana OG explodes with tropical pineapple and banana flavors.  An unmistakable profile, the daiquiri like taste is a great novelty, like sipping a tropical drink on white sand beach, and comes through in even high temp dabs.  The extract is barely opaque and tinted a luminous champagne yellow.  A well crafted shatter, only in the highest heat did it lose its hard, glassy consistency.

An easy hitting OG, Banana OG is not extreme or significant in its effects.  Instead, it is mellow and refreshing throughout its range.  At its peak, Banana OG can be a bit slowing — not so much couch-lock as simple contentment.  Like day drinking on vacation, it’s pure relaxation.