Moxie Lemon Cookies Cake Batter Review

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Although I am a large proponent for Moxie’s incredible line of golden shatters, my first experience with their wax has left me equally impressed time and again. Their Lemon Cookies cake batter has all the potency and purity I’ve come to expect from Moxie, but in a much easier to work with medium.  For those hot summer days, when shatters would start to budder, Moxie’s cake batter offers a much more stable solution.

Coming packaged by the half gram in glass jars, Moxie’s Lemon Cookies was a delicate pale yellow, almost white, which is a testament to Moxie’s clarity. As soon as you screw off the top, you are hit with its rich lemon scent, a scent that fills the room when dabbing.

Dabs of Moxie’s cake batter are easily prepared, with an overall texture not unlike that moldable kinetic sand. We moved ours to a silicone jar immediately to make working with it even easier. When dabbed, the taste loses the sweet lemon for a more earthy vapor.  But still with the nose tickling terps we expect from Moxie.

A good dab session with Moxie’s Lemon Cookies left me slow and heavy headed, but dynamic and creative in my thinking. Great for low-key nights in with select friends and intimate conversation, focused work on your favorite hobbies, or any quiet moment alone. Calming and introspective, Lemon Cookies was a wonderful addition to our evenings.

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