Paris OG Tarantula Joint from Ganja Gold Review

Paris OG Tarantula Joint from Ganja Gold Review

In LA these days, it is near impossible to exist in the cannabis community without interacting with the wildly popular Paris OG.  On instagram, in the shops, at the festivals, on hats and pins: the name is everywhere.  So it is long past time we got Paris OG featured on the Review.

The interwebs led me to believe that Paris OG is one of two possible hybrids.  The first is between Lemon OG and Headband.  The second option would be a breeding of Sour D and an OG Kush cut.  If the later is true, then Paris OG is just be a phenotype of Headband, itself.

The strong fuel smell, noticeable even in this tarantula joint, and diesel pine flavor seem to confirm the Headband presence in Paris OG.  However, these joints offer far more than just top notch genetics.  Oiled with CO2 oil and frosted over in kief, these hand rolled joints go above and beyond.  While testing these tarantula joints from Ganja Gold, we didn’t have an issue with the joint going out; something most other pre-rolls brands cannot boast.  Every tarantula joint from Ganja Gold offered a slow, smooth, consistent burn.

The Paris OG high itself is a meeting of two well known strains from the East and West Coasts.  Happy and uplifting, New York’s Sour D is a soaring sativa that gives purpose to your day.  Add to this plenty of OG Kush relaxation, and these Paris OG tarantula joints from Ganja Gold are an effective all day medication for stress induced anxiety and tension that won’t sedate or slow you down.